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PPT Salon offers services to design rich looking effective presentations. It is a Goa based online service provider which is specialized in presentation.

If you are looking to present your idea, product or any simple business presentation in an effective manner, you can contact with PPT Salon. Their team designs custom presentations for conferences, investor meets, internal meetings, business plans, and pitches and for many other requirements.

The presentation is completely e ...

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99tests is an online testing platform which aims to bring together a passionate group of testers.

Through this platform the companies and individuals can upload their software applications. A testing contest is then announced which typically runs for a certain duration (mostly a week). During this period, the interested testers can join the contest based on their interest and start testing the product.

The client is free to validate the bugs found and for every bug validated b ...

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myHeureka provides you a social platform to secure your intellectual property (IP) rights, pitch your ideas to investors for funding and get funded.

Generally when a unique business idea comes to person’s mind, the person tends to protect it by patenting, copyrighting or trade-marking through the Trademark office. The process is tedious and the charges are steep. It becomes almost impossible for a common man to pursue it.

myHeureka can come to rescue this tedious process. It ...

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Cyocs.com lets you create your own classified website for specific purposes. This classified website is hosted as a sub-site of Cyocs and visitors from across the web can post in their needs on your sub-site.

The portal seems to have an easy to use interface and the classified sub-sites can be used to cater to variety of needs. Say for example the college students from same college or different colleges staying in near-by locations can create a classified site for exchanging books and ...

Tags cyocs, classifieds  |  Visit: http://www.cyocs.com/
HRStop is an online service which integrates different HR systems into a single platform.

Today organizations are spending huge sums to manage their HR systems. The employees payroll system, recruitment system, personal profile management, leave management, employees tracking system, information and news management system etc are some of the important tasks carried out in every organization. Most of the organizations keep a separate HR system, which seems to escalate costs.

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