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Socioclean is an online application that helps you understand and protect your social reputation by scanning and cleaning your online profile on various social networks.

With the ever growing importance of social networks in our lives, they have become a huge medium for personal communication and marketing. Job Recruiters have started turning up to networks such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter in order to know more about candidates.

Socioclean was found to help you keep you ...

Tags socioclean, social, networking  |  Visit: is a newly launched social network that lets you discover a new exciting world of friendship, companionship, opportunities and crazy activities.

This Kolkata based portal was launched on October 20, 2010. At Todleho, members get complete freedom to express themselves, meet new people and share their thoughts. The platform claims to use latest web 2.0 technology tools for easy accessibility, instant connections and social sharing.

The site lets you play games, downl ...

Tags todleho, social, networking  |  Visit: is a newly launched social networking portal modeled on real-life networking. It plans to redefine the way you really connect with people.

Tubri focuses on two things: socialization based on relations and full privacy control. In real life we have friends, co-workers, family members, high school buddies and so on. We never have one group of people. You really don’t wish to share your thoughts with all of your friends. For example you may not want your co-workers to know wha ...

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LOOP is a dedicated social networking platform for the people working and residing in small and close communities.

The portal is being promoted by BrainBox. The ideology behind Loop is that most of the daily problems can be solved if we are familiar with our neighbors. The aim of this portal is to provide opportunity to neighbors to connect with each other and taking the online relationships to offline. It provides the resources for effective communication and social gathering events ...

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Opinions.h is an internet marketing company that helps businesses to reach their target audience on web.

Their marketing revolves around social media space including social networking websites which helps a company to target the exact audience on demographic basis (location, age etc) which results in high return on investment.

They also help in driving internet traffic to a client's website by creating buzz around events or brands, implementing web based campaigns and estab ...

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