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Eculator is an online calculator that helps students solve physics and mathematics numerical problems in quick manner. The portal provides a tool where you can just enter the values for the given formulas and it will calculate the answer for you.

The website primarily has a large collection of formula modules. Each module has its own calculator and graph page. The students can find almost all the formulas related with physics and mathematics.

Putting different values in formula, calculating separate parts using a calculator and converting the value from one unit to another is a time consuming process. This portal helps the students to find solutions in easy and fast way.

For performing calculations, you need not register on the website. You just have to put your keyword in the search text box and the tool will find all the formulas related with that keyword. You will have to select the formula you need and you will be then asked to insert values. You can then enter the values and select the corresponding units. The answer would be displayed once you press the calculate button. A small description and derivation of the formula is also provided with graph for clarifying the student’s concepts.

The formulas are further categorized into specific categories such as Electricity, Gravitation etc. The students can select a specific category to find a list of formulas related to that category. One important thing for students is to have prior knowledge of the contexts so that they will not put invalid values, in which there are risks of getting incorrect results or no results at all.
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Unique Features and Our Reviews

Eculator is an online tool that helps you solve numerical problems for high school or higher secondary students. The tool can intelligently identify the variables in relevant formulas to compute the values intended to be found using appropriate algorithms.

The website navigation is easy. One of the unique features of this portal is the Numerical Solver which displays a stepwise solution along with a flow chart. The effectiveness of this portal will improve with time as the number of formula modules and algorithms increase.

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