- Create your own Classifieds Website lets you create your own classified website for specific purposes. This classified website is hosted as a sub-site of Cyocs and visitors from across the web can post in their needs on your sub-site.

The portal seems to have an easy to use interface and the classified sub-sites can be used to cater to variety of needs. Say for example the college students from same college or different colleges staying in near-by locations can create a classified site for exchanging books and other materials.

It’s a simple process to create a website on Cyocs. First register yourself here and then put in the name of your classified sub-site in the dashboard. After that you can select a template from some of readymade templates showcased on Cyocs. You can create categories, sub categories and add information you wish to show on your site.

Cyocs allows its members to search the sub-sites and join them to post their ads. The members can join and un-join any sub site any time.

There is also an option to earn through your sub-site by publishing advertisements using Google Adsense. Subsite creators can provide their adsense id on Cyocs and the advertisements will start showing on their sub-site. Ads on a subsite will be served based on both the ids - adsense id of and sub site creator. Though the advertisement revenue would be split up but Cyocs won’t be transparent enough to disclose the number of ad impressions.
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Unique Features and Our Reviews

If you are looking to start a classified website and you do not have funds to get it designed outside. You don’t have to go any further now; Cyocs will help you get it up and running within few minutes.

You can choose from variety of templates and design your classified website with ease. The advertisement revenue split looks promising to attract members. This website is still in beta phase and we are sure that many new features would be added to improve the overall package offering.



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