KooKoo - Enables Interactive Voice Response in your Webapps

KooKoo acts as an interface between your applications and the telephony world, allowing you to setup an extra delivery channel for your web application.

As a business owner, you need to deal with those customers who prefer telephones and not your website to contact you. As the number of customers increase, your contact number gets overloaded. You would now prefer to have an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system in place so that customers can search for the information themselves without overloading your resources.

KooKoo has been designed to solve your need where you can use KooKoo calls to access telephony functions and provide telephony access to your application. It allows the developers to build telephony applications using basic web development skills. The developer need to register for a KooKoo account and write the business logic to handle interaction with the KooKoo platform.

As you add the code at your web application to interact with KoKoo API, your customer will be able to make a call a specific telephone number and enter a pin. KooKoo will answer the call and will also make a HTTP call to your application.

Your application will get the request and respond back to the request with an XML. The XML sent back by the server is then parsed by KooKoo. Based on the XML response, appropriate message is played back by KooKoo for the end user. So by just adding around 10-20 lines of code you can enable telephony channel to your customers.

It also offers you a free trial where you will get a default phone number used by all KooKoo free applications. Your application will get a Pin number using which you can access your application.
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Unique Features and Our Reviews

KooKoo is basically an interface which provides you a HTTP gateway for telephony functions. It is another web page in your application which is accessible from the phone rather than the browser.

This interface can be really helpful for industries such as travel, transport, financial and health care services. The start-up venture has been recently launched and looks promising in future as it’s offering a unique value proposition.



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