Semantifi - Search Deep Web using User Designed Apps

Semantifi is a platform which offers users a way to search for specific data through a search engine powered by user-created apps.

Deep Web is usually referred to that part of web where information is stored in user databases; these databases constitute almost 90 percent of information base. This information is not immediately accessible through traditional search engines like Google that just search the text and images of websites.

Semantifi's takes a knowledge base approach to search these usually inaccessible databases. It searches both databases and documents to deliver highly relevant search results which are far superior in comparison to keyword or natural language processing (NLP) search engines.

This new search engine’s processes differ from traditional search engine processes of crawling, indexing and interpreting. It works as an open search platform that anyone can use to data search applications.

At Semantifi, Semantifi's search platform is hosted for anyone to use for free. Publishers can build apps to search any type of data. Apps can be of personal interest, or of high public appeal, or have revenue potential. Apps can be shared publicly, or within social networks, or only to paid subscribers.
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Unique Features and Our Reviews

The concept of searching Deep Web is in theory for many years. Many people have lately started to design solutions to drill that information and make it available for public use. Semantifi is one unique attempt towards it.

Semantifi is an online open search platform which enables people to create and upload their own applications. Individuals, businesses, or groups can use Semantifi search platform for free to launch apps.

At Semantifi when users search, they get search results only from matching Apps.

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